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Don's Story


Don Blanton, a freelance artist, sculptor, and poet is a native of Richmond, IN.  After completing his tour of duty in Vietnam, Don settled in Springfield, MA.  He studied at the Merrick School of Art and Drama in Los Angeles, CA.  After his studies, he returned to Springfield and continued to pursue his career in art and opened Distinctive Art Studio

Don has been recognized by the House of Representatives in Washington, D.C. for judging of the Congressional Arts Competition, a duty he assumes annually. Don's work has roots throughout the country as well as internationally .

About The Featherstone Collection

The Story

Another feature of Don's work is his creation of Featherstone technique.  This features a very unique composition of design, shape, color and texture.  After many years of research, the technique gives the appearance of stained glass or marble when coated onto a natural product such as wood or stone

Don Blanton Makes Huge  Splash at Disneyworld  Orlando

Sculptor, painter, teacher ,philanthropist Don Blanton displays his works at Disneyworld .

Don  Blanton  delivers Keynote address at MLK Jr. breakfast 

Don Blanton addresses the "Greater Holyoke Council for Human Understanding" on the connection between civil rights and the arts

Don's Creations

Stone Sculpture

Last Hug 

"I wont be back" I swear that's what I heard him say, that's when I fell to my knees and began to pray.

One Last Hug is all I ask, Make it a good one, you know, one that will last, I'll savor your touch 'til eternity, Please... just one last hug for me..."


Oil  Painting

The Roar Of Silence

It's the roar of silence that echoes through the chambers of my mind, and the love I lost and left far behind, the bitter words I was forced to hear, but its the roar of silence that I fear.........

IMG_0174 (Edited)_edited.jpg

Primeval Awakening

Let's reverse things for a while, And go back to the past, You are being chased by wild animals, lucky you moved fast, So go ahead my friend, rest while you may for when you arise, you'll again be the prey Come on...

wipe the sleep from your eyes ! its almost 2020... and time to arise !

"Building Self Esteem Through The Arts"

At 413_Distinctive_Art, we understand the importance of support in an artist’s life. Our community serves as an educational branch and support system for all artists . . It’s our mission to ensure that the arts remain strong.

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